Use terms and conditions - La première plateforme numérique spécialisée de demandes et d'offres de produits industriels et miniers dans les pays arabes


Users of (hereinafter referred to as the “platform”) are able to view a sheer volume of factories, companies, supply and demands for industrial and mining products, while registered users, whether visitor or user, can enter and publish relevant data and ads in line with the terms and conditions set forth below, and as illustrated in the platform’s policies. Once you enter and use the platform, this means that you agree to the privacy policy and terms of use in an unfettered manner. Therefore, please read these terms of use carefully before you start using the platform.


  • The platform consists of various demands and supply, lists of factories and companies, ads, image files, or any other materials published on the platform. When users post any content on the site, the platform has a complete right to use, copy, publish or modify the content for any purpose when necessary.
  • (Platform for demand and supply of Arab industrial and mining products), its logo, e-mail address, materials, texts, images, as well as graphics, designs, models, files, multimedia, and software is owned by the Arab Industrial Development, Standardization and Mining Organization (AIDSMO), being the body responsible for the platform’s creation and management. Thus, AIDSMO reserves the right to control, remove or modify any content that may breach the terms and conditions, without prior notice.
  • The contents on the platform are provided to users as they are, without warranties of any kind, whether explicit or implicit. Some demands, factories and companies have been added in coordination with focal points at the ministries of industry and mineral resources bodies in the Arab countries. Companies and factories that are not willing to post their data on the platform can ask for their deletion from the platform’s databases by contacting the platform’s supervisors through the communication channels on the site.
  • The platform includes some third parties’ contents, like demands, factories or companies. Some links on the platform may lead to external websites that are not owned by the platform. Those links are only provided to make it easier for users to access available data. When the user selects a link to an external website, he/she will be subject to its terms and conditions. Furthermore, the platform is not responsible for any third party websites that may be linked via a hyperlink, whether it is provided by this party or provided in coordination and cooperation with such. Also, the addition of these links does not mean in any way that the platform and its supervisors approve or agree on the content, ads, products, services, policies, or materials available on these sites.

Intellectual property rights

  • The Arab Industrial Development, Standardization and Mining Organization is the exclusive owner of the platform’s intellectual property rights. The platform website is protected by copyright, trademarks and other applicable property rights.
  • The platform comprises some contents of third parties, such as data on tenders, bids, demands, websites data, and links to relevant bodies and institutions, as well as names, products, and logos of factories and companies, which are trademarks of their owners.
  • It is not allowed to post any content that contravenes international, regional, national, local laws, or copyright, patent, trademark and intellectual property rights. The platform is not responsible for any content that infringes the property rights of another user or body. In case you notice any content that violates the property rights of a party or body, please inform the platform through (contact us).

Registration in the platform

  • In order to derive benefit from the platform’s services such as: display demands, enter factories and companies’ data, you should register on the platform for free.
  • The username and password are solely selected and used by the user to log in the platform and access his/her data. The password should be kept confidential. The user is responsible for any process or request for service under his/her username and password, even if it is unintended or he/she is not the one who makes such. Users are invited to change their password from time to time to ensure the highest level of security.
  • Registered users can terminate their access to the platform at any time. The platform may also terminate, suspend or restrict at any time the users’ access in case of violation of the Use terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Obligations of the user

  • The user is responsible for any information or document provided through the platform, and acknowledges that information he/she provides is complete, accurate and updated. The user also acknowledges that he/she will not represent any organization without being authorized to do so.
  • The user acknowledges that the use of the platform or any available material is at his/her own risk, since we cannot guarantee that the platform may be interrupted, free from technical difficulties, omissions or errors, or the intended results from using or registering in the platform are fulfilled.
  • The user acknowledges that the use of the platform will be for legitimate purposes only, and commits not to use the platform or the available information, services or tools in any action that may result in a violation or crime punishable under the law. The user also acknowledges not to publish and upload files that contain viruses or materials contrary to public morals, or any files that contain software and other materials that are protected by intellectual property rights or copyright, unless he/she is the owner of such, or has all the necessary approvals to do so.

Limits of liability:

  • The platform collects and displays published information, with reference to the source (websites and electronic links), in conformity with intellectual property rights in all countries. The platform is not responsible for any loss of any kind as a result of the provided information and services.
  • The role of the platform is solely to provide contents, data and ads related to supply and demands for industrial and mining products, and it is not responsible for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from entering or using the platform or its content.
  • The platform does not carry out direct sales of any product, nor does it involve itself in any transaction between demanders and suppliers. The published content is not considered as a recommendation or a request to buy or sell these products or services. Therefore, the platform is not responsible for trade transactions, among users or among pertinent institutions, and is not obliged to be a party in any dispute that may arise among users or related institutions.
  • The platform is not responsible for negligence that causes direct, incidental, special or consequential damages or any costs or losses that may result from the use or inability to use the platform. It is also not responsible for errors, omissions, slow system performance, malfunctions, computer viruses, complete system failure, loss of any revenue or disrepute to the user even if the platform is expressly notified by such.
  • The platform is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, relevance or quality of third party products and/or services on the site (third party content). It acknowledges that the third party content is originated from sources believed to be reliable without commitments or warranties related to the third party websites. Also, the addition of these links does not mean in any way that the platform and its supervisors approve or agree on the content, ads, products, services, policies, or materials available on these sites.
  • The platform provides its content as per and as available without explicit, implicit, legal or any kind of commitment or warranty. It is not responsible for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from entering or using this website or its content.
  • All appropriate measures are taken to provide and keep up to date the information available in the platform. However, this does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. The platform reserves the right to take necessary steps to verify the accuracy of the information or verify compliance with the terms of use. It also enjoys the right to disclose any registration data and/or account information to law enforcement authorities, government officials and/or third parties without responsibility towards users.


  • The platform has the right to modify or entirely replace the terms and conditions with new terms and conditions without prior notice. Once the amendments are made, they will be valid as of their publication date on the site. Continued use of the platform means that the user agrees to these amendments.
  • Managers of the platform have the right to modify in full or in part, stop or suspend temporarily or permanently the platform, without prior notice and at any time, when appropriate. The platform has no responsibility towards the user or to any other parties for its modification, termination or suspension.
  • The Platform reserves the right (without any obligation) to review, edit, modify, summarize, and remove full or part of the contents.

For further information about the use terms and conditions, please contact the service team via the means available at “Contact us” and email us at